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What are Office Hours?

In a University setting, Office Hours are time slots that Professors give their students outside of the classroom. In our Context, Office Hours are scheduled meetings between Startup Entrepreneurs and Industry Veterans / Experienced Entrepreneurs to ask questions about problem(s) they face running their Startups. The sessions will include elaborate questioning (asking the tough questions), brainstorming and even a bit of Whiteboarding, which will hopefully help the entrepreneur find direction.

The Session is limited to a few Startups in a day (Each given a 30 - 45 mins Slot), selected from Applicants. This is a Free Event.

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The Startup Centre : Office Hours

Upcoming Session: May 10th, 2014
Focus: Technology Stacks and Scaling up Challenges


Thoughtworks Chennai
Ascendas, Phase 3
Fourth Floor
Taramani, Chennai


Email: officehours (at)

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