Some T-Shirts to Give away

As you can see, we have some amazing TSC T-Shirts, and we want to give it out to the folks who are helping us drive the word out there for the world of entrepreneurs to get to know about this Initiative and benefit from it.

We are going to give away 5 T-Shirts in the next two weeks for the social media netizens to help us achieve that.

Here's what you have to do to be part of the evaluation criteria:

  1. Follow us on Twitter at The Startup Centre

  2. Post In a minimum of three places (Eg. Blog, Mailing List, Twitter) In your own words, what you believe The Startup Centre to be. Use the hashtag #thestartupcentre (on blog) and reference @tsc_india on twitter

Note: The blog post should be a minimum of 300 words.

  1. Post the urls of your posts here in the comment box, along with reference to your twitter ID (also mention the size of T-Shirt which would fit you)

  2. We will randomly pick five people who qualify for this, by the end of next week, and will get the T-Shirts sent across to you.

  3. Send us a picture of you wearing the T-Shirt. Would love to showcase the picture on our Facebook group, as a proud fan.

Cheatcode: If you manage to spread the word in more than three locations, an additional point applies. Feel free to dig through the mailing lists for any content you might require.


We are Hiring. Yes, Our first +1

Its the beginning of the Summer. That doesn't sound like a good way to state "New Beginnings", so lets just say, its the start of the accounting year, and there is plenty of new things ahead of us, and we are starting to grow the team that, in the days to come will manage this awesome hub, and the activities around it - including the accelerator that kickstarts later this year.

We want to set a culture where we can be closely working with the entrepreneurs that we become fortunate to be a part of, and are looking for folks who can set apart a few years to groom themselves, and most of all solidly contribute in this environment.

We'll make it easier for you with a checklist:

  • You are passionate about startups and the entrepreneurship space in India
  • You have been in some way - even be it running the e-club in your college - been involved in the scene
  • Most of our entrepreneurs are geniuses in their own way, and hardcore hackers. If you are a closet geek, and can code, talk technology, brilliant!
  • Are you analytical and can - if required - talk with the companies, and give constructive criticism in their direction and where they are heading, with some solid suggestions?
  • Are you an Entrepreneur? (lots of brownie points - every one of us involved so far are!)
  • Strong background in Finances and Market Research
  • The Holy Grail: Attention to detail

The Associate will be responsible for:

  • Building on the Community and Hub Efforts of the Startup Centre
  • Organizing events - those hosted by The Startup Centre
  • Researching topics, connecting with the successful entrepreneurs in the region and bringing them to become part of the hub
  • Researching tools and social media efforts by various groups, and sharing with the community things that they can benefit from - be it news, tools, or information
  • Take ownership of the functioning of The Startup Centre - in terms of operations and facilitate the residents and Accelerator Companies as they grow
An Ideal Candidate would have:
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Proven ability to foster communication and cooperation among diverse individuals online and offline
  • Hands on experience with light weight tools such as Wikis, mailing lists, Social Media etc.
  • Several years of management experience in flat, matrix, or loosely coupled organizations
If this sounds like you, send us an email at info@thestartupcentre.com with the Subject Line "Applying for Associate Position" with an updated resume. Do remember to include links to your social profiles on the web along with the application - for us to get a better understanding about you. Cultural fit is everything, and we are hoping that you live on the web, just as we do. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to comment on this post. We will be responding to it at the earliest we can.

Resident Applications Closed.

It's been a rather short drive, but we've gotten our initial set of Applications for the TSC Resident Programme. We've gotten a bit more than 15 Strong applications, out of which we will shortlist the strongest 3-5 teams as the first cut.

The Word is just starting to get out and there are quite a few folks asking for more time on this regard. We've extended the application form - on a Late Entry Mode - till the 30th of April. Hope you make use of it, should you know of any amazing founding teams, who'd like to be in the company of likeminded folks.


Call for Resident Programme Closing soon; SAIF Partners announces Sponsoring one Resident

I quite remember having discussions around Early Stage startups a few years back - not that much has changed since then - but it all came down to essentially realizing that we unfortunately do not have enough great ideas spawning out of our ecosystem. I believe that statement has to end with a "YET". There is very little support in terms of entities and groups that can garner that momentum that events build up, into something creative and productive, and to aid that early entrepreneur through the stages of building that first prototype and Product.

The resident Programme in a lot of ways, was framed keeping that in mind. A six month programme where you are in the company of 15 such amazing founders, day-in and day out building out your dream. Nothing gets better than that.

We've been pleasantly surprised by the applications we have been receiving. We are infact getting quite a few applications from out of Chennai, that we are trying to put together a list of affordable places to stay in Chennai, around the centre, should these teams get selected. There are definitely signs of an amazing resident programme coming together here.

So we've got Four more days to go, and another week or so of hard work for us at TSC to go through all the applications, and schedule interviews, meets and calls with those of you who've applied. We are slotting teams early in the calendar, and on the order of submission. So, the earlier you apply, the earlier you get a meeting, and the verdict. Make use of it.

Announcing the Sponsorship Programme:

Remember how I was mentioning how we all have cribbed that there arent enough early stage companies in India? Well, while we are taking the lead, we are quite proud and honored to have folks supporting that cause. SAIF Partners (http://www.sbaif.com/) has committed to sponsor one resident team for the entire duration of the programme (that's the complete six months). I know not everyone who has wanted to start out, also has had the luxury to save up to cover the costs of the Programme - as much as we've kept it to the bare minimum we can afford the infrastructure at. But here's an excellent opportunity if that was the only thing stopping you. (There is an added section on the Application Form, a few details to be added IF and ONLY if you want to be considered for the programme. Please note that the chances are rather low, given the demand, so in an effort to be helpful, only apply if you really need it)

Make use of it, before its too late. Applications are open at http://rapply.thestartupcentre.com

Look forward to hearing from you soon. We are really rooting for the early stage entrepreneur, and we are looking forward to the day when we no longer have to agree to the obvious with the YET at the end for optimism, but it will be a blatant reality.

Write to us, if you have any questions at all.


Preview of The Startup Centre

Most of you must have seen pictures of The Startup Centre (We hope!) as there are already pictures of the space on Facebook [1][2][3]. But If you haven't had a chance yet, here's an opportunity for a tour, of what is our first home. Enjoy!


Summer Internship @ TSC

Developer - (5)

Your primary role would be to work with one of the several startups that will be working out of the Startup Centre in the Resident Programme. You can be assured of an experience in working with a fast paced team, and in pushing the boundaries to deliver exceptionally great code, and functionality in the products that you build. Awareness, experience and expertise in Web Programming skills, and a solid Computer Science Fundamental will be what we will be looking for.

Apply at: http://www.twenty19.com/internships/company/the-startup-centre/developer-internship

Duration 3 Months

Designer - (5)

Design is no longer an option, but a crucial differentiating factor, and we acknowledge that, and we empower designers to bring out the best in defining the user experience, and interaction of people who use the products build at the startup Centre. Your primarily responsibility would be to work with one or two teams under the Resident Programme, in helping them with the Graphic Design and User Interaction as these teams roll out their first prototypes, and get feedback from their customers.

Apply At: Write to intern@thestartupcentre.com with a link to your portfolio and a note on why you believe you can deliver an exceptional User Interface experience with prototype products entering the markets.

Duration: 3 Months

TSC Intern - (1)

What does it take to make startups successful? What goes into understanding the equations that make startups have a better chance of success? Taking on the challenge of building up the Ecosystem is what The Startup Centre is taken up. This position will only be open for one candidate for a year - and will become part of the team, get a chance to work with the founders of The startup Centre in laying the foundational operations of setting up the centre - a great chance to see how ecosystems are built from close quarters. You should show an extraordinary passion for startups and entrepreneurship, with ample reading ahead of you, well versed in the fundamentals of early stage business theories, and with an attitude to learn. Candidates with entrepreneurial streaks - even if it was selling paper, will count.

Apply at: writing to intern@thestartupcentre.com, with a short essay (one page) on why you would be the best fit for this profile.

Duration 3 Months (option to extend)


TSC Resident programme Applications Now Open

Applications are now open. You can Apply by visiting http://rapply.thestartupcentre.com

Some of you had hinted on asking what the TSC Resident Programme is all about. For the sake of clarity, here are the details on it.

The Resident Programme is a Co-working Initiative by The Startup Centre. The initiative is primarily driven to accomodate founding teams of early stage startups that are probably working on their ideas, and prototypes and in most circumstances stand to benefit in the company of like minded entrepreneurs who are also building products.

The Resident programme, will function in batches and the call for applications for the first batch of The Startup Centre Chennai, opened as of Today. It will close on April 22nd. We are looking for 10 - 15 Teams (20 individual in total) who will be working out of the TSC premises. This would be out of our premise in Chennai at the Alsa Mall in Egmore.

There is a certain cost attached to it. Single Founders working out of there will be charged a monthly fee of Rs. 7500 and Two founder teams will be charged Rs. 10,000 per month and the period of this service is for a period of six months. The intent is that in six months once your prototype, and first set of clients are identified, and as the team expands, it might be time to move out. And Yes we are purposefully leaning towards two founder teams (a startup might be too much for one person)

10 Compelling Reasons for You to be Part of the TSC Resident Program

  1. Imagine a Hackathon/BarCamp like environment everyday of the year! It’s Entrepreneurs working as if their life depends on it everyday—sitting, maybe at the edge of their seats, at home reading TechCrunch and wondering what’s happening in Silicon Valley. At TSC, you are not alone; you’ll have buddies who are entrepreneurs themselves, some of them at the same stage like you.

  2. A group of Entrepreneurs who have their “babies” (ideas just taking shape as a startup) at the same stage of business progression similar to yours provide a fantastic “buddy” support system to sharpen your idea and deepen your business value proposition. Most ideas simply are shallow to survive the first cut of market reality. But you'd have to be around awesome Entrepreneurs, like at TSC, to help you craft a go-to-market strategy like a knife through butter.

  3. Entrepreneurs learn something new everyday, and they learn things the hard way, maybe through experiences. But how about making your learning curve shorter? With a group of Entrepreneurs around you to give their experience in TSC, you will refrain from a mis-steps straightaway. And learning something new from their experience is invaluable. If the beta testing of TSC is anything to go by, we are learning something new, just by being an observer.

  4. The Hub at TSC aggregates the energy of the Local Startup Ecosystem and cross- functional learning. Don’t miss out! Be at the Centre of it.

  5. Share and Borrow the skill sets of each other at TSC. If you are a designer, trade that skill for someone's skill to architect your system. We know you might not have the money to hire people, but you might have a skill to trade. Hustling is part of the Startup process.

  6. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. It may be a moment’s weakness in which you might give up or laze around a target. At TSC, experienced Mentors are around to poke and nudge when required, to keep you on target. They won’t do your work for you, but will certainly keep you on track when you need a voice of reason.

  7. Form the Apex of the Startup Ecosystem and the Benefit of Association, with a brand that carries the trust of people who have been pioneers of the Indian Startup Ecosystem. Need to say more?

  8. Leverage the TSC brand to attract talent, be it interns or a workforce to take your vision forward.

  9. Public opinion would tell you that we are based out of a location (http://bit.ly/ hYlIfu) that’s quite close to the heart of the city—in a kickass address, with proximity to eateries that are up through the night and importantly at a cost that is startup- friendly!

  10. Did we tell you that we have an accelerator programme coming up? Rumor is that some of these companies will make the cut to be part of that, if not, still go on to become great companies in their own way.

Please note that not all companies that apply will be selected for the programme. We will have a selection criteria based on the kind of product/service the teams are working on, the stage they are at, the skillsets they bring to the table etc and various parameters that will help us give an idea of the synergies that the overall programme will yield for all the entrepreneurs who are part of it.

Also note that the Resident Programme is not an incubation Programme. While there will be a lot of peer driven support, and we have firsthand experience to believe that they are the best kind of support you can get, there will not be any formal mentor support or funding guarantees etc (that incubators generall tend to promise) attached with this programme.

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