MadMob Monthly Meeting Recap

Last week the second MadMob meeting at TSC was great success! Approximately 30 motivated MadMobsters showed up at The Start-Up Centre in the Alsa Mall to learn more about developing mobile web applications and cross-platform development tools like Sencha Touch and Rhodes.

WhizRx’s very own Vasanthakumar Periasamy kicked things off with an interactive presentation that was intended to introduce Sencha Touch. Ultimately this presentation evolved into an engaging discussion regarding other mobile development frameworks such as jQuery Mobile, jQ Touch, and Titanium. Phonegap was also discussed for its unique ability to turn a web app into a native app. ...

Click here to read more on the event and also check out some cool pics.


Open Coffee Club Meet - Aug 7th

The OpenCoffee Club was started to encourage entrepreneurs, developers and investors to organise real-world informal meetups to chat, network and grow. Started in London and now around the world, OpenCoffee Club is a regular, open and informal meeting place for people involved in startups to meet.

This Month, We have Anil Srinivasan - Managing Director of Music Univ India.

About Music Univ India:

MusicUniv was created in 2010 to take the classical arts to schoolchildren. By creating a structured, systematic and graded syllabus for classical music or art, the mission works on the premise that the child absorbs more effectively in a group setting with his/her peers. Further, we also believe that musical intelligence (Howard Gardner, 1983) gets better integrated within the scope and context of the other disciplines the child is exposed to at school.

About the Speaker:

Anil Srinivasan holds an MBA (University of Southern California) and an M Phil from Columbia Business School. An accomplished Western Classical pianist (www.anilsrinivasan.com) who was awarded the coveted Sangeet Natak Akademi award for the youth, a national award, last year for creative and experimental music, he has already worked with some of the legends in Indian classical music such as Mandolin Shrinivas, Aruna Sairam, Unnikrishnan and others. His active involvement in music has seen him across nearly 500 performances both in India and abroad. He has been a TED INDIA speaker, chaired conferences on music in venues as diverse as Liverpool Hope University and the University of Mumbai and is a regular columnist with the Indian Express on music. He has previously worked in research and analytics at Taylor Nelson Sofres and subsequently in consultative capacities on consumer-based analytics across sectors. In 2010, he co-founded MusicUniv India (www.musicuniv.com), an initiative to take the classical arts through structured, systematic syllabi delivered through schools using a combination of physical classroom learning and using technology (using a first-ever made-to-order learning management system for classical arts training).

This is a FREE and Open Event, but Seating is limited so do RSVP http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=145391602208123 if you are planning to attend.


MadMob Monthly MeetUp - Chapter -2

This is MadMob's second meetup. Given that it has been more than 3 months after the first meetup, we will spend some time introducing each other to the new members. We also plan to have two educational sessions:

Topic #1: Basic introduction to Sencha Touch

Who: Sivakumar - General Manager @WhizRx

When: 10.30 am - 11.15 am IST

What: An introduction to mobile web app development.

Topic #2: Introduction to Rhodes platform

Who: Surendran S, Spritle

When: 11.45 am - 12.30 pm IST

What: An introduction to cross platform framework by Rhomobile

We will also have a 30 minute networking session between the two presentations.

This event is sponsored by WhizRx (Snacks will be served)


Are you attending the Social Media Club Chennai on 30th July?

You're welcome to join The Social Media Club Chennai, this Saturday (30.07.2011). The meet will be basic networking sessions for members and social media enthusiasts getting to know more about Social Media Club, the functioning and benefits of Chapter and being part of it by volunteering. We'll also collect details for volunteers who'd like to associate in future events & meetups. The details will then be passed on to SMC officials to consider the application for re- initiating SMC Chennai Chapter.

Please invite any of your friends to The Startup Centre and make the session interactive & productive. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Sandeep Varma at 98840 46847 / sandeepvarma78 (at) gmail (dot) com or Vinay at 860 860 9955 / vinay (at) webside (dot) co (dot) in

Hope to see you there!!


The Jelly meet is on 29th July 2011@ TSC

For those of you who missed out on the first Jelly at TSC, here are a couple of snapshots from the event.

Jelly pics

It was great to see a mixed crowd with people sharing career experiences and exchanging contacts with each other. The Jelly meet was started to provide a casual working experience for people to come together to work for the day and it was great to see the interactions unfolding.

Our next Jelly meet is coming up very soon this 29th July 2011.

To know more details on the Jelly meet and to register for the event, hop on to our jelly page here


Slides from Triggr The Product at Delhi - June 18th, 2011

Talk at Triggr The Product, Delhi - 18th June 2011

B007: How much to raise: When, Why and How

Early Stage entrepreneurs have a lot of questions in mind. The most often asked question is on valuations, how much to raise and what is the rationale behind it all. There is also a lot of confusion in this space with people valuing their startups sky high, believing that it will only continue to grow, but are so willing to give away half of their enterprise to create liquidity.

The answer however, is in the details of Why you are fundraising in the first place, and the goal behind the process.

In this talk, We have Vijay Anand talking on the subject covering the following points:

  1. Why Raise Capital

  2. Understanding Value Creation Cycles of Startups. Timing is everything.

  3. The Consequences of Outside Capital - Good and Bad

  4. Can I get the Valuation that Silicon Valley Companies enjoy?

  5. Structuring to get the Best Deal

  6. Where to Start.

Register to attend. June 19th, Sunday at 11:00am at The Startup Centre.


Call for Resident Programme Opens. Batch 2.

We have been getting a lot of enquiries about the resident programme and quite a few teams eagerly anticipating to join the next batch. Staying true to our promise, we are opening up the call for Applications.

The Reasons to be part of the Resident Programme, havent changed by much. Here's a Recap:

10 Compelling Reasons for You to be Part of the TSC Resident Program

  1. Imagine a Hackathon/BarCamp like environment everyday of the year! It’s Entrepreneurs working as if their life depends on it everyday. It beats sitting at home reading TechCrunch and wondering what’s happening in Silicon Valley. At TSC, you are not alone; you’ll have buddies who are entrepreneurs themselves, some of them at the same stage like you.

  2. A group of Entrepreneurs who have their “babies” (ideas just taking shape as a startup) at the same stage of business progression similar to yours provide a fantastic “buddy” support system to sharpen your idea and deepen your business value proposition. Most ideas simply are shallow to survive the first cut of market reality. But you'd have to be around awesome Entrepreneurs, like at TSC, to help you craft a go-to-market strategy like a knife through butter.

  3. Entrepreneurs learn something new everyday, and they learn things the hard way, maybe through experiences. But how about making your learning curve shorter? With a group of Entrepreneurs around you to give their experience in TSC, you will refrain from a few mis-steps straightaway. And learning something new from their experience is invaluable. If the beta testing of TSC is anything to go by, we are learning something new, just by being an observer.

  4. The Hub at TSC aggregates the energy of the Local Startup Ecosystem and cross-functional learning. Don’t miss out! Be at the Centre of it.

  5. Share and Borrow the skill sets of each other at TSC. If you are a designer, trade that skill for someone's skill to architect your system. We know you might not have the money to hire people, but you might have a skill to trade. Hustling is part of the Startup process.

  6. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. It may be a moment’s weakness in which you might give up or laze around a target. At TSC, experienced Mentors are around to poke and nudge when required, to keep you on target. They won’t do your work for you, but will certainly keep you on track when you need a voice of reason.

  7. Form the Apex of the Startup Ecosystem and the Benefit of Association, with a brand that carries the trust of people who have been pioneers of the Indian Startup Ecosystem. Need to say more?

  8. Leverage the TSC brand to attract talent, be it interns or a workforce to take your vision forward.

  9. Public opinion would tell you that we are based out of a location (http://bit.ly/hYlIfu) that’s quite close to the heart of the city—in a kickass address, with proximity to eateries that are up through the night and importantly at a cost that is startup-friendly!

  10. Did we tell you that we have an accelerator programme coming up? Rumor is that some of these companies will make the cut to be part of that, if not, still go on to become great companies in their own way.

If you are in agreement, head to http://rapply.thestartupcentre.com - Deadlines are on 31st August. But the Selection process will begin as the applications come in - which means, the sooner you apply, the sooner the chances of getting in. Don't wait.


Growing The Ecosystem - Freshdesk, FusionCharts, Deskaway Lend a Hand

The signs of an Ecosystem are when teams, and people come together and don't expect to play a zero sum game. For years, our worry with the Indian Ecosystem has been that everyone plays their role, but very few have gone out of their way to build out relationships, mentor entrepreneurs or initiate activities that will bring up the chance of an entrepreneur succeeding.

But that's all changing.

As soon as we made announcements that we are starting off with the resident programme, and are soon to launch an Accelerator Programme, quite a few Startups - and those born and raised in the Indian Soil - reached out to us, wanting to help in whatever way they can. Mentoring for sure, but also in equipping these startups with licenses to their products (at a very liberal term, till they find strength on their feet).

Today we are announcing that. Just so you know.


Freshdesk is a company founded, and runs out of Chennai. They are a startup which builds HelpDesk solutions. You could be a startup of two founders, but when you are working with clients and want to engage professionally, the first sign is the emails that go out. As the product starts to roll out, time and time again there will be enquiries and you would want to respond to them in the most consistent manner possible - a brand is all about consistency at the end of the day. Freshdesk is offering the companies in the Resident and Accelerator Programme, extended licenses for use. Ofcourse. The Startup Centre itself is getting onboard on that - How you noticed the benchmark we have on how fast we turn around for Email Enquiries?. We dare you to give it a try.

What's heartening about the Indian Technology Startup space is that we have a few very strong contenders coming up to become the next big success stories. One of the more impressive ones - not only for the product that it delivers, the reach they have in terms of clients, but also for the "Angelic" nature of the founders to get involved in the ecosystem deeply, is the company based out Kolkatta, FusionCharts.

Most of the teams here at The Startup Centre are using dashboards - be it either for directly interfacing with customers, or as internal tools to measure how they are doing. You could spend months on just building it up right. The license from FusionCharts allows the teams at The Startup Centre to cut to the chase and focus on building the core of the Product. Did We tell you that this is a company has a range of clients, extending all the way to the White House? We kid you not!


Did you notice that there are a wave of companies coming in, where you can almost mistake them (in a good way) to be global companies? DeskAway is a company based out of Mumbai, and has over the years grown to be very successful in building tools that enable small and growing businesses to manage their projects. In this day and age where you are rapidly iterating your products, Roadmaps and planning can go out of the window, and tools like DeskAway help keep teams - as they grow - intune with the right habits of product engineering. Makes all the difference in the long run.

We are quite certain that we will be announcing more such Partnerships in the days to come. But, as an Entrepreneur, and on behalf of the Startup Community, we salute these teams for coming forward, and making that first effort to building an "Ecosystem" - in every sense of the word.


Kickstarting The Startup Centre Classes.

We've been mulling over this for a while now. Any Entrepreneur who is starting off in India has a lot of questions in mind, spread over various topics and while there are events and meets that address them directly or indirectly, there is no place where we can find an archived information source, that entrepreneurs or those aspiring can refer to.

We also believe that its because of the lack of such a repository that we are going over the same old conversations over and over again.

It is also our thought process that these talks shouldn't be a silo of information, be it on Technology, Business or on the experience of an entrepreneur, but should be one that can stretch over the four key elements of starting a product startup - On Business, Technology, Design and Understanding of Markets. Over the next few weeks, months and years, we believe this will become a key asset for the entrepreneurs in the Indian Landscape to refer to, to learn from, and adopt.

Sign up for the Mailing list, Keep an Eye on the Twitter / Facebook Feed for what's ahead. In the meantime, you can also check out the topics.