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Ideas We are Looking For - Part Eight

Tools and Platforms that Enable Artists/Creatives to Succeed

With A R Rahman winning the Oscars, one thing became clear. Talent is everywhere. But it takes someone who isnt in the epicentre of things, a long while before they get visibility. Its always hard for talent to get recognized, but Social Media and the power of the Internet to make distribution costs next to nothing can lead to significant changes to that.

India does not have a music Industry - well, it might have one which is nascent and struggling, but thats barely a thriving industry. Yet there is demand (Bands like Euphoria at its peak made significant amounts of money), and undeniable talent.

Emerging markets are stuck between the old and the new, and this vertical is no different. CDs and Labels are out. But platforms like iTunes are not in yet. And Moserbaer has an Antilog to prove that people are willing to pay.

There is definite possibility for some play in this space, by someone who understands the forces that matter.

PS: Chennai being a hub for a massive entertainment Industry, we meet Artists who are singers, musicians. Inside Info: A super talented musician struggles to make as much as 10K INR a month in a sustainable manner.

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How about turning the reasonably good singers/musicians into trainers/teachers? I strongly believe there are a definite set of people (kids, beginners, semi-professionals) who are looking out for good music teachers. but what is missing is, a platform where students and such teachers meet/interact even from a remote location. All of them may not become the celebrity Tollywood /Bollywood singers or a famous band but still a decent monthly income can be generated for many of them by turning into a good quality teacher! for e.g.: 20 students * Rs 500 per month = Rs 10,000 /- per month OR 20 students * $20 = $ 400 per month or may be more!

October 1, 2011 | Unregistered Commentervinay

If you have an idea and the commitment to build a venture, let us know.

October 1, 2011 | Registered CommenterVijay Anand

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