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Call for Resident Programme Opens. Batch 2.

We have been getting a lot of enquiries about the resident programme and quite a few teams eagerly anticipating to join the next batch. Staying true to our promise, we are opening up the call for Applications.

The Reasons to be part of the Resident Programme, havent changed by much. Here's a Recap:

10 Compelling Reasons for You to be Part of the TSC Resident Program

  1. Imagine a Hackathon/BarCamp like environment everyday of the year! It’s Entrepreneurs working as if their life depends on it everyday. It beats sitting at home reading TechCrunch and wondering what’s happening in Silicon Valley. At TSC, you are not alone; you’ll have buddies who are entrepreneurs themselves, some of them at the same stage like you.

  2. A group of Entrepreneurs who have their “babies” (ideas just taking shape as a startup) at the same stage of business progression similar to yours provide a fantastic “buddy” support system to sharpen your idea and deepen your business value proposition. Most ideas simply are shallow to survive the first cut of market reality. But you'd have to be around awesome Entrepreneurs, like at TSC, to help you craft a go-to-market strategy like a knife through butter.

  3. Entrepreneurs learn something new everyday, and they learn things the hard way, maybe through experiences. But how about making your learning curve shorter? With a group of Entrepreneurs around you to give their experience in TSC, you will refrain from a few mis-steps straightaway. And learning something new from their experience is invaluable. If the beta testing of TSC is anything to go by, we are learning something new, just by being an observer.

  4. The Hub at TSC aggregates the energy of the Local Startup Ecosystem and cross-functional learning. Don’t miss out! Be at the Centre of it.

  5. Share and Borrow the skill sets of each other at TSC. If you are a designer, trade that skill for someone's skill to architect your system. We know you might not have the money to hire people, but you might have a skill to trade. Hustling is part of the Startup process.

  6. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. It may be a moment’s weakness in which you might give up or laze around a target. At TSC, experienced Mentors are around to poke and nudge when required, to keep you on target. They won’t do your work for you, but will certainly keep you on track when you need a voice of reason.

  7. Form the Apex of the Startup Ecosystem and the Benefit of Association, with a brand that carries the trust of people who have been pioneers of the Indian Startup Ecosystem. Need to say more?

  8. Leverage the TSC brand to attract talent, be it interns or a workforce to take your vision forward.

  9. Public opinion would tell you that we are based out of a location (http://bit.ly/hYlIfu) that’s quite close to the heart of the city—in a kickass address, with proximity to eateries that are up through the night and importantly at a cost that is startup-friendly!

  10. Did we tell you that we have an accelerator programme coming up? Rumor is that some of these companies will make the cut to be part of that, if not, still go on to become great companies in their own way.

If you are in agreement, head to http://rapply.thestartupcentre.com - Deadlines are on 31st August. But the Selection process will begin as the applications come in - which means, the sooner you apply, the sooner the chances of getting in. Don't wait.

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    Call for Resident Programme Opens. Batch 2. - News - The Startup Centre : The Accelerator for Tech Startups
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    Call for Resident Programme Opens. Batch 2. - News - The Startup Centre : The Accelerator for Tech Startups

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