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Yes. I'm an Angel | No, But I'm Exploring becoming One

If you are an Active Angel Investor, or a High Networth Individual who is keen on getting involved in the building of High growth Enterprises, We would like to hear from you. Let us see how we can get you onboard. If you share with us, in the intro, a link to your portfolio of investments (even better if its an angellist profile) so far, it would greatly help accelerate the conversation.

I'm Exploring Becoming an Angel

There is much made out to be, when it comes to being an Angel. Truth be told, like everything else in life, this is something that one gets good at with practice. What you need is a keen sense to spot an opportunity and a team that can deliver, and the attitude of trust to empower the team. Gone are the days when you need large sums of capital to be an Angel Investor - today, we believe, that Angel Investing can be a healthy investment strategy - if you have the appetite for it.

Here are some borrowed wisdom and some resources, that we've found experienced angels follow. Hope you would go through it. Do write us if you'd like to meet us sometime, and talk more on this. We'd be quite happy to.
  • Startups are very risky investments. Expect to lose your money. And don’t invest more than you’re comfortable losing.
  • Start small. Invest more as you get returns or get comfortable.
  • Diversify. Don't invest unless you have enough capital to make 15-20 early-stage investments.
  • Follow top-tier investors into deals. Co-invest with the best and make sure you’re getting roughly the same terms.
  • Know your rights. You may not have the same rights as larger investors, such as information rights, the right to participate in future rounds or a board seat. So your returns may suffer relative to larger investors.
  • Invest in a startup because you love their mission, not because you’ll make money.
  • No press. Never disclose a startup's financing publicly or to the press. That is the startup's decision.
  • Shop around. There are hundreds of companies raising money. Try the several Angel Networks and also AngelList. Don’t invest in a company just because it has good press or good investors.
  • Do your own diligence. Don't take the information you see or receive from peers on face value.
  • When evaluating the team, trust is vital. You are trusting the future that they cast, against the present where they stand.
  • Don't spend much time worrying about the details of deal terms, especially when you first start angel investing. That's not how you win at this game.
  • Indemnify us. You must agree not to hold us responsible for any losses. Go into this, with your eyes wide open. For clarification, revisit the first point
  • When in doubt, don’t invest.