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The goal of the Accelerator programme is to help a team with Product* v1.0 over a period of 6 Months in giving momentum for the Startup. We assume you already have a product, that has gone through the Product-Market fit process. The programme will help with Business Model Brainstorming, Growth Hacking Strategies, Setting up the Advisory Board and Market Validation, a small amount of Funding to the tune of Rs. 10 Lakhs (Approx $20,000) and an awesome set of Mentors.

For a Blueprint of the Startup Centre Process, Click here.

Input: Great teams with Product v1.0 (customer validated)*

Output: Startup with a Business Model, Functional board, Clarity on Market and building a predictable business (Investors say "Fundable").

Time: 6 Months

Next Step: Startup with Option to Angel / VC Funding

Application Deadline : None. We take in companies as we find them. No Batches.

*Definition of a Product is an Offering that has atleast gone through one iteration of the Idea - Build - Product - Measure Lifecycle, and is validated in the hands of a customer.