Enabling Tech Entrepreneurs to #GetStarted.

We Build Communities
If you are a Tech startup entrepreneur who is just starting, or have been around for a while, You are invited to be part of the Community that exists in Chennai - Chennai Open Coffee Club.

Also, list yourself here : Madrasmade

We Mentor Entrepreneurs 1:1
We do professional consultations with entrepreneurs who are either looking for feedback on a Business Idea or are looking for inputs on a specific issue related to your startup enterprise. If you need inputs on topics as such Fundraising strategy, Board Formation, Corporate Structuring, Product Launches, Team Building, Idea Validation etc, You are in the right place. You can book a session via this link.

We Have WorkSpace
Early stage entrepreneurs need a space to work when they start with their ventures. They look for a space that is without distraction and in the frugality of "using the extra bedroom", but with a functionality to be able to bring team members and have productive work done. For teams of upto 4 members we offer space at nominal rates. You can avail the space for upto 6 months.

Everything you need to get started is made available, just bring your computers (and team) to get started. If you / your team would like to avail this, Get in touch.

We organize Events
Time and time again there are specific topics that come up from entrepreneurs and as a way of effectively addressing them, We organize regular webinars and workshops.

Once a year we organize Startup Walk where the startups in the city open their doors and participate in an open house to host people who are interested in seeing the Chennai Ecosystem upclose.

Periodically we also organize Prototyping Events (In50hrs) where teams come together and build prototype of solutions for real problems. Mentors participate to help the teams through the process. At the end of it, they present to a jury of experts and get feedback and insights.

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